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News Updates (Power)

Some of the Gun Club members would like to practice during the week on occasions, possibly in the afternoons. This is not likely to be very often, but if there is a presence when our members wish to fly, please try not to fly beyond the wood pile near the shooting area.

To all members of TRF Power site!

Further to my communication below regarding protection of the Power Site from illegal fly-tippers, it seems that our procedures for use of the site need to be tightened up. The farmer has apparently complained that we are leaving the lower gate unlocked and with the padlock in situ showing the combination to any potential intruder. May I remind all members of the need to comply with the previous notice as shown below but also to ensure that the padlock is always left in the locked position (i.e. with the barrels turned) so that nobody can either steal it or note its combination for gaining later access to the site. These precautions are not too onerous so please help the farmer/ site manager to avoid the expense and unsightly mess caused by rogue fly-tippers. The previous notice is as follows:

Important notice for all TRF users of the Power Site It has been brought to my notice that there have been incidents of fly tipping at the Power Site. All members who use this site are requested to be sure that they secure the gate nearest the road at all times, even when they are using the site. i.e. Close the gate after you enter the site and close it again whenever you leave, even if other members remain on site.